Kristo and Cuba.

Kristo is a scientific illustrator from Zurich. He found a family in Havana - plus colonial architecture, tropical vegetation and museum-ready vehicles.


Kristo’s favorite place.

Ferrocarril, Spanish for railroad, is the common term for the small park next to Havana's train station, where Kristo spent a lot of time drawing.


From parking lot to locomotive museum.

Kristo has documented the small park and its constant change during more than fifteen years, capturing it with unusually detailed drawings.


The final station of the sugar locomotives.

To conclude this work, a thick booklet with 26 images will be published in mid-2021, complemented with stories about the cars, the locomotives and the beautiful shady trees.


The Columbus Cemetery.

The cemetery named after Christopher Columbus is one of the most important burial sites in the world. With more than 500 large mausoleums and 800,000 graves, it is the ideal template for Kristo's next series of images.