Four steps:
1. Photography
2. Processing
3. Drawing
4. Printing
No day without a line!

Kristo loved drawing ever since he was a boy. His training as a scientific illustrator taught him the necessary skills to make a profession out of his hobby.

The technique he has evolved for his Cuban pictures unites classic hand craftsmanship with the latest graphic technology. The pictures are produced in four steps:

Step 1: Photography
The works are based on photographs taken during countless expeditions exploring the streets of Havana.

Step 2: Processing

The colours in the photographs are subsequently matched, so that they can be stitched together into a panorama if required. The images are then processed further to obtain a background resembling watercolour.

Step 3: Drawing
Kristo draws his works on a computer using a graphics tablet. Depending on the size of the picture, this can take days, weeks or months. Influenced by the photorealistic art of the sixties and seventies, he steers clear of glamour or irony in his renderings of everyday topics. Instead, he strives to achieve maximum objectivity and precision in the paintings he creates while adhering as faithfully as possible to the original photograph.

Step 4: Printing
The finished picture is digitally printed on canvas by a specialist in the field, then mounted on a wooden frame and brush coated. There is a limited edition of three prints per motif.